German Championship News 02/2012

The Deutsche Motorsport Bund has published a first entry list of the Driver from the German Championship 2012.

Not included into this list is the German Rally Champion 2011 Sandro Wallenwein with the Subaru Group N. But he will drive the complete championship again to defend the title. Hermann Gaßner sr. will also start in 2012 again. But there is only one S2000 – Mark Wallenwein will drive a Skoda Fabia S2000 and try to challenge his older brother Sandro.

There are no more information about Anthony Warmbold, who wanted to drive with a MINI S2000 1.6T in the German Championship. I think the project was deleted now, after the problems with Prodrive, BMW and Mini.

Mad Ostberg want to drive some championship rally in Germany. But they do not know, if it will be the German Rally Championship (DRM) or the German Rally Series (DRS). It depends on the car he will drive. The best way for him would be to start with the Fiesta RS WRC in the DRS. The information what they will to in Germany will following in the next two weeks.

If you are very funny you can say the Germany Rally Championship 2012 is only a challenge for diesel rally cars. There are 14 cars nominated at the moment. Only two Porsche will drive the complete championship, married couple Dobberkau and big 24 hours racing legend Timo Bernhard. He won all long hours races in the world.