Jari Matti Latvala Interview Rallye Deutschland 2011

Before the Start of the Rally I was talking with the fast driver from Finland, Jari-Matti Latvala, about the Rallye Deutschland 2011.

Jari Matti Latvala 2011 Rallye Deutschland

How was the testing days for this event?

Jari-Matti: “I had nice tests, in dump and dry condition. So good preparation for that special event.

Where are the main different from the Focus WRC to Fiesta WRC?

Jari-Matti: “The Fiesta WRC has a better balance as the old Focus. The performance is great, but when it is tricky section is not easy to drive. The Fiesta WRC has more potential on tarmac as the old WRC, so we could win on tarmac events, when everything function 100% perfect.

How would you like to describe the Rallye Deutschland in four words?

Jari-Matti :” challenging, well organised, cuts, fans

What do you thing about that VW is coming into the WRC?

Jari Matti: “It’s good that VW is as a new brand here. Now this must invite other car manufactories, that it is a bigger challenge in the WRC.

What is your target for this rally?

Jari-Matti: “Be on the podium, 3rd place would be okay.

Which stage is your favourite here?

Jari-Matti: “Panzerplatte. A great stage where you can drive sometimes wide lanes, with jump, junction, a little bit like a race circuit.