Germany wins the ROC Nation Cup fourth time

The German team, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel drove at the final against the British team, Andy Priaulx and Jason Plato. In the last round Schumacher was faster than Priaulx. The British team would like to win in Germany as made up for the German win at Wembley Stadium. But they did not manage it this year. Maybe we will see the same fight again. Mister Schumacher could not drive with all cars, because of his contract with Mercedes. So he drove only with the baggy cars, like KMT X-Bow, ROC Baggy and the small RX150.

During the break between some groups, there was some demonstration of some car, including some rounds from Michèle Mouton in her own Audi S1. But in one drove she rolled the car, because the hit a big curb too much inside. The S1 has some body damaged, because of the carbon parts and the technique no important

At the pre-event press conference on Friday the driver was asking which cars they like and which not, after they drive al cars in Practice Training. Everybody like the ROC Baggy, because so can drive it controlled sideways and made a lot of fun. Some other person had like the Audi R8 LMS, because of the power and the beautiful V10 noise.

At the Training the 3 times World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx has some problem with the VW Scirooco Cup Car, because the engineer tell him, that they can use the paddle shifts like in a normal race car. But with VW DSG gearbox so must change the gears I a wrong way. Priaulx has after the corners the wrong gear into the car and has wondering, why the car did not accelerate.

All drivers hate the new car for ROC the FJ-Racecar, it is a Nascar car. So this car is to long and with the big American V8 engine with to much torque for that small racetrack very badly to drive.

Vettel was very proud that the ROC 2010 was in Germany, so he could show all the German fans a good show after he has won the Formula 1 World Championship two weeks ago.

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