German Rallye Championship 2014

The DRM 2014 (German Rallye Championship) will be included into the rounds of the ADAC Rallye Masters 2014. That means, that the championship has now 14 events.

The first event will start the „Saarland Pfalz Rallye „which be in 14 days. The events are now good placed in mainly all region of Germany taken place only tarmac surface, but including only one gravel rally, the Lausitz Rally in October. The DMSB had thought that is way should be a good option for the highest Rally Championship in Germany, to have this two championships including. The German Rally Champion 2013, Georg Berlandy who drove an Peugeot 207 S2000, will not entry the championship. One resins is that he spend in 2013 to much money for win the championship. For the 2014 season you need much more of it. He will drive some historic events with his old Opel Ascona. His 207 S2000 was sold to Dirk Riebensahm, who will drive the car in the DRM 2014.

Also the orange Porsche 911 GT3 driver Olaf Dobberkau will not entry the championship. he said, that this decision was not easy. But with 14 rounds of the championship has the DRM much a big size, that he could not solve it with the much money. Only 4 events from each half year counting for the title, but this is not good at all. He will start with the 997 GT3 by some DRM and DRS (German Rallye Serie) rounds. Also he will drive the 0-car in teh gravel event Lausitz Rally with this Subaru Impreza WRC.

The old German Rally Champion Mark Wallenwein come back to the DRM 2014 with the Skoda Fabia S2000. He will against this brother Sandro, who will drive the Subaru Impreza R4 again. Interesting further news is that on each Rallye you have a „Power Stage“ like in the WRC, where you can get 3 extra points for the championship.

Ruben Zeltner who has drove in the past the zebra colored 996 GT3 is building a new GT3 for 2014. So we will see if he will drive only some round of the German Championship or the hole one.

DRM Calendar 2014:

Saarland Rally

07. – 08.03.

Wikinger Rallye

28. – 29.03.

Rallye Erzgebirge

11.- 12.04.

Rallye Vogelsberg

25. – 26.04.

Rallye Sulinger Land

02. – 03.05.

Rallye Thüringen

30. – 31.05.

Rallye Stemweder Berg

13. – 14.06.

Rallye Niedersachsen

04. – 05.07.

Rallye Wartburg

09. – 10.08.

Ostsee Rallye

05. – 06.09.

Rallye Litermont-Saar

19. – 20.09.

Rallye Baden-Württemberg

03. – 04.10.

Rallye Lausitz

10. – 11.10.


24. – 25.10.