Interview Hermann Gassner Jr

First of all, I am very excited that you are in the S-WRC 2011with the Skoda Fabia S2000.

Hermann Gassner Jr

Your start in the 2011 season was very good, with a new car and a new rally for you.

Did you expect that you will finish at TOP 3?


Yes it was a big surprise for me that I was on at the end of Rally Jordan in my class. Everything was new for us (me and Kathi). We had knew that we can make a ggod place if we drive safety to the stages, but it was not the situation after I had loose to much time with the puncture. Then I wanted only to finish the rally.

But now come events, where the most of the favourite drivers start and we will see where we are there.

How would you describe the difference between Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Group N and your new car, the Skoda Fabia S2000?


The Fabia S2000 is more rally car as the Group N Evo IX. I can make more different setup of the suspension, geometric, differential settings. I like that very much, but it is sometimes not easy for me to become the perfect settings of the car. This year is a learning one and next I will fight more.

After the reconnaissance you have a first view about the Rally Italia Sardegna 2011. How do you describe that rally?


The rally is very difficult because of the different kind of stages and every day is also complete several. You can not compare the first day with the other two. It will be very deep, rough, middle fast to fast sections with a lot of jumps and sometimes very narrow – very interesting rally.

Have you a favourite special stage here?


Not really, some are easier to drive and some one is more difficult.

I saw you at reconnaissance at the stage 10/13 “Monte Lerno” on the famous “Micky’s Jump”. What do you think about that part in the stage?


The jump does not looking so big, but after the crest the street fall massive down. So here you can only loose everything, the time and the car.

What are your plans for 2011?


We will drive the complete S-WRC season as a learning year. Also we will try to improve us and will see what we can do.

Have you make some test before the rally?


No, I have done two tests before Jordan Rally and after this rally the car is directly shipped to Sardinia.

For a German driver, I am driving a very much on gravel stages.

The first day is a long distance away from the Head Quarter and Service in Olbia. Do you think it could be a problem that you have only a remote service between these stages?


Yes it is a long drive to it and there are a lot of corners. But with the remote service I think is no problem for us, because I will not push so much, only try to come into the rally and make no damages on the car.