Exclusive Interview: Per-Gunnar Andersson

During the Prazsky Rallysprint 2011, I could talk with the 2-times Junior World Rally Champion Per-Gunnar Andersson. He drove this year a Skoda Fabia WRC , which drove Jan Cerny at Setkani Mistru 2011, instead the Fabia S2000 from last year.

P.G. Andersson Prazsky Rallysprint 2011 Skoda Fabia WRC

P.G. Andersson Prazsky Rallysprint 2010 Skoda Fabia S2000

Congratulation on the birth of your son Alvin.

The way to the hospital was very special – what had you felt in this moment?

P.G.: “That was really a very special in my life. When I saw the hole blood and parts form my baby it was interesting. 2 minutes before the baby was coming out the ambulance arriving and helped us. After that I was relived that there was no problem. With my son is everything okay.”

It is very nice to see you in Prague this year again.

P.G. Andersson Rally Italia Sardegna 2011

You set the first Stage win in the WRC 2011 in Sweden – How was the drive in the new WRC Car instead the old ones?

P.G.: “The new WRC car is very good. It is more directly as the old one. For narrow stage sections is now better to handle the car because of the smaller wheel base. More fun to drive with the Fiesta RS WRC, which I drove in Sweden and Sardegna this year.”

What was your best moment in 2011?

P.G.: “Yeah that is a very easy answer for me. The first stage win of the new WRC Era in Sweden was the best this year. That is one thing no will never forget, to beat the world best driver with a new car.”

PG Andersson Ford Fiesta RS WRC Rally Italia Sardegna 2011

What do you thing about that VW is coming into the WRC?

P.G.: “That is very good that new manufacture like VW or other will come to WRC. It will be better for everyone and more challenging each others as the last years, where only Citroen and Ford drove.”

In one and a half the new 2012 WRC season stats – what is your plan for next year?

P.G.: “At the moment I don’t know. I hope there will be a decision in the next two weeks. I try to become the budget to drive again a WRC car, but at the moment there is no one. So maybe I will drive with Proton again. They could develop the car in the winter times, so that the car should have not the same one in 2012. ”

Will it be the IRC Series or S-WRC?

P.G.: “That is a question what Proton will doing in 2012. I hope I can start in S-WRC and challenging with the other top drivers in this class.”

Could you visit the golden city of Prague?

P.G.: “Yes, yesterday we made a long walk through the city. It is a beautiful city, with a lot of interesting old buildings. Also in summer times it will be great then to be in the near of the water. Maybe we will visit the city this night again.”

How was for you the atmosphere last year at Strahov Stadium, where you drove two stages around it?

P.G.: “Yeah that was very good. Such many spectators brought a special atmosphere for the drivers. I like that very much. ”

What do you think about this special Show Event here in Prague?

P.G.: “That kind of ending the season is a interesting way for the fans, drivers and sponsors.”

Describe your feeling in this Show Rally with 5 words.

P.G.: “sun shine, good car, a lot of fun.”

P.G. Andersson Prazsky Rallysprint 2011 Skoda Fabia WRC

Do you like the modern kind of ROC – Race of Champions?

P.G.: “No I do not like this. The tracks are too small and short. They could do this on places where you can build wider tracks. That is more something for circuit drivers as for rally ones.”