German Rally Championship 2011

Sine a long time the ADAC and AvD made a fight against each other, who has the most power in Germany. So the situation escalated in the summer time 2010, where the DMSB said that a DRM round could not include a DRS (German Rally Serie) round, like Sachsen-Rallye. This information is not official, so the three new DRM rounds for 2011 had not get any information about this rule change. The compatibility from DRM and DRS is still open.

On 30th October was a big meeting from the DMSB, ADAC and AvD. If Lausitz Rallye, Wartburg and Niederbayern went to DRM and Thüringen to Masters, the AvD would not do a DRS 2011. Furthermore the rally elimination should do 2011 a concept for the second rally league.

Background to that: It could be so easy, but the president of ADAC and AvD must accept that conclusion for 2011. Volker Strycek (AvD) said yes and Hermann Tomczyk (ADAC) said nothing. Instead of that, one week later by the ADAC-Sport-Conference the Masters-Serie would say blandish. By this events only 11 teams drive all round.

Beside that problem the DMSB send the papers to the DRM rounds. In this papers are included, that only DRM round can run there without any other additional championship. The DRS rally’s up now send the document back with the note “DRS”. At 11th November the presidium reject their request from Lausitz Rallye and Niederbayern. The applications from Sachsen and Wartburg Rallye were cancelled. So one day after that, the four rally’s said, they are would do the DRS.

After that circulate a new DRM calendar for 2011 with Wikinger-, Hessen, Saarland, Badeb-Würthemberg, Saar-Pfalz and Deutschland-Rallye. It follows that we have a West Germany ADAC-Championship and on East Germany the DRS. Its sounds like over 20 year ago, where we had to German parts.

The last try to have a common championship all over Germany was cancelled, because without the big boss Tomczyk is no change possible.

After that squabbling, Skoda Deutschland decided to stop their new activities from 2010 and do an international year for the young star Mark Wallenwein.

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