Juho Hänninen – Interview Rallye Deutschland 2011

After the Shake Down on Thurday morning, I asking some questions to the leader of S-WRC and IRC 2011, Finnish rally driver Juho Hänninen.

Juho Hänninen

How was the testing days for this event?

Juho: ”I did one day at Czech Republic and on Monday some test in the region to find a setup for the car. After two runs at Shake Down everything is okay.”

How would you like to describe the Rallye Deutschland in four words?

Juho: “difficult, challenging, setup compromise

What do you thing about that VW is coming into the WRC?

Juho: “It is good to have more new marks and brands into the WRC, for the drivers, media, spectators.

What is your target for this rally?

Juho: “Win the rally in S-WRC.

Which stage is your favourite here?

Juho: “Panzerplatte.”

You are leading the S-WRC and IRC – do you want to win both championships?

Juho: “I would like to win both championship, but it depends on Skoda which IRC round I do. At the moment my main interest is on S-WRC.

Next week you start at Barum Rally Zlín – does Rallye Deutschland help you for Zlín?

Juho: “Yes that is helping me a little bit for Barum Rally. It is good to drive more kilometres on tarmac surface.

Juho Hänninen Juho Hänninen