Married Couple Zeltner win anniversary Thuringen Rallye 2011

The 50 anniversary of Thuringen Rallye was celebrated this year again with 20 teams from Czech Republic which started there for a better sport friendship between Germany and Czech Republic.

The first stage was at night as a spectator stage in the city of Possneck with a spectacularly fireworks show at half time of this stage. Here was the fastest Felix Herbold with the Ford Fiesta S2000 followed by three drivers with Porsche 911 GT3’s. Fastest Czech driver was Slehofer in his new Subaru Impreza N14-16 on place 7 after some great drifting corners. There was one big accident from Peter Corazza in which the damage the co-driver door site heavy. The was to fast and brakes to late and so he hit a stonewall from a roundabout. After that the co-driver made a mistake to count the round of the stage and become penalty. After that we has retired from the rally.

The main event started on Saturday morning at 8.01 with a 25,84km stage. With 9,0 second faster the Porsche GT3 from Zeltner was fastest and Herbold only second. The next stage has 1 km gravel part, so the S2000 should be fastest. But second time in a row Zeltner was it and the second Porsche with Werner as driver. On Stage 4 Herbold became some technical problems and he must retired from that event. The new second is Werner and Stölzel, all on Porsche 911 GT3. After the first four stages Zeltner was leading by 24,9 seconds of Werner and 1.37 minute of Slehofer, the fastest group N car by this event. The third Porsche of Stölzel had stopped because of a damaged fuel pump. The only WRC car which started was only on 6 position, because he drove on the stage 1 one round to much and became a 10 second penalty. So he was 3.05 minute behind the leader. A very good performance from the Czech drivers, despite of the too fast and not so technical stages like in her country.

A special highlight was the “0”car, which was a replica of the San Remo winnig car 1985 the Audi Sport Quattro E2 where Stig Blomqvist did the first rally with that car. It was a pity that the car has to many technical problem and did not finish that event.

Final result from the 50.Thuringen Rallye 2011:


R. Zeltner

Porsche 911 GT3



A. Werner

Porsche 911 GT3



J. Slehofer

Subaru Impreza Sti N14-16



P. Hunniger

Subaru Impreza Sti N14



H. Rotter

Opel Corsa OPC



J. Pertlicek

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX



J. Geist




B. Michel

Opel Astra GSI



D. Tomek

Renault Clio R3



A. Norenberg



Here you can find the photos from the Thüringen Rally 2011.